Know How


SQM expansion projects in the Atacama Salar, Process Engineering

a) New conventional flotation banks for KCl process.
b) Engineering development for pneumatic flotation circuit cleaner flotation KCl.
c) Flotation circuit KCl and K2SO4.
d) Testing of solid-liquid separation.
e) Solar evaporation ponds design.

Research and process development, SQM Salar Litio

a) Solar evaporation ponds design (meteorological variables, chemical composition of the brine, sizing).
b) Process Engineering for the production of KCl from Carnallite.
c) Process Engineering for solar evaporation processes system (KCl, LiCl.H2O, K2SO4, H3BO3).
d) Modeling, Simulation and Optimization of Processes at Lithium Carbonate Plant.
e) Development and implementation of a thermodynamic model of electrical conductivity, viscosity and density of lithium brines.
f) Modeling and Simulation of evaporation processes of high sulphates brines.
g) Studies of Processes for Magnesium removing from brines.
h) Development of strategic products.
i) Process Contingency.
j) Conceptual design and study of new Process by Lithium Hydroxide Plant.
k) Statistical Process Analysis and Plant Optimization.

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